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Shreshtha Anupam

AIR 19 (UPSC CSE 2019)

"Good source for revision"

I referred to Sunya IAS Notes to revise some of my current affairs before the Prelims Examination and I believe that they are a good source for revision of prelims current affairs.


Padmini Narayan Sehrawat

AIR 152 (UPSC CSE 2019)

"I recommend Sunya IAS to all"

Since I was a working professional, I did not have much time to refer bulky current affairs magazines, but I really did follow the Hindu. So when I came across the Sunya IAS Notes, I found that they were covering the Hindu in a very comprehensive and concise manner, which helped me revise, twice or thrice before the examination and I recommend all of you to follow Sunya IAS notes with confidence.


Ashish Joon

AIR 271 (UPSC CSE 2019)

"Sunya notes give you an edge in the Exam"

In my last attempt, I focused on Sunya IAS notes for current affairs. They are the micro-notes developed from Hindu, PIB and other monthly magazines. I got these notes just one month before the exam. It provided me with an extra edge in the exam. One must give at least 10 days to the Subject wise segregated notes and study them exhaustively to get that added advantage.


Vishnu Shankar

AIR 384 (UPSC CSE 2019)

"Sunya notes have been immensely helpful"

Sunya IAS notes have been immensely helpful in my preparation. I was able to prepare for Prelims in the last 2 months before the examinations, just because of Sunya Notes. I remember expressing my gratitude to Sunya IAS in the examination hall itself for the questions which came directly from their notes.

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